Highly skilled investigators

One World Research provides a broad scope of services throughout the world, including litigation and advocacy assistance, investigation and research, and consulting services. We believe that effective fact-finding should be at the core of any litigation or advocacy strategy.

We have a wide range of experience in conducting complex overseas research and investigations. As a result we have developed into a unique service able to carry out research and investigations in places that have commonly presented fact-finding challenges to our clients. Over the last decade this has included investigation in difficult remote regions of the world as well as complex urban areas overseas.



Criminal defense
and civil litigation

We provide lawyers with the information and evidence they need in an efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective manner. Our work includes investigation services for criminal defense lawyers representing individuals from places such as Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. We also carry out mitigation investigation in death penalty cases in the United States where the family is located in countries where investigation is complex such as Somalia or Iraq. Additionally we carry out fact finding and witness interviews in various global locations for civil litigation against governments and corporations.


Asylum and immigration

We assist lawyers with background information specific to an issue or country in order to help them best argue for their client’s asylum or immigration claim or to prevent deportation. This work has included collecting evidence of risk of torture in countries such as Algeria, Tajikistan and Ethiopia. Additionally we have compiled reports on issues such as mental health services in Nigeria as well as detention conditions in Bulgaria.


NGO and other research projects

We carry out research to assist NGOs and other organizations with projects where they need assistance gathering reliable facts and identifying potential issues. We can assist with conducting field research and writing reports on a variety of topics.


Consultancy and Training

We can provide consultancy services on numerous issues which we have become expert in through our extensive experience investigating human rights issues around the globe. We can also provide training on investigation methods and fact- finding strategies as well as advice on carrying out research safely in difficult global locations.


Our services

  • Organising fact finding missions in various locations around the world
  • Locating and interviewing victims, witnesses, relatives, friends, or employers
  • Searching databases, court records, and public documents
  • Collecting video, photographic, and physical evidence
  • Securing signed declarations
  • Testifying at trial
  • Collecting original and authentic documents from a client’s home country
  • Locating and screening expert witnesses
  • Compiling detailed reports presenting evidence and conclusions
  • Providing In house training of staff on investigation techniques
  • Training for lawyers on research and investigation strategies
  • Consultancy on topics of expertise and logistics for media and film
  • Consultancy for journalists assisting with location of sources and arranging interviews